2 Milestones

I have just hit a loss of more than 25 lbs in the 6-ish weeks of the FAT Project.  This is great milestone for me as it is also the weight at which I began my last large weightloss with the WeightCare program  in 2008. At that point I ended up at 325 lbs and ran the Try-A-Tri Triathlon.  #clothesfittingbetter

The other big step for me occurred Friday night with the Calgary Public Library staff recognition event.  I had grabbed a plate of good food with lots of veggies and protein.  I had eaten some hummus and pita for an appetizer and for the first time in memory, I felt full midway through a meal.  I then had the wherewithal to stop, take a picture and give my plate to the server.

IMG_20151120_191506 IMG_20151120_192313

I continue to feel empowered, in control and delighted that I could feel this in my body.

3 thoughts on “2 Milestones

  1. Agreed Margaret. I am going to really listen to hear that feeling. I am often hungry two hours later but it feels amazing to stop eating.

    Sarah – miss you too, thanks for the love.

  2. I’ve always been told to watch for the pause – that moment when you stop for a moment, realizing you are full, and either decide you have enough, or continue on as a glutton! It’s a brief moment and easy to miss.
    You didn’t miss it, Paul – congratulations!

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