Fat Positive Friday #5

I have pulled these five benefits of being overweight from the Telegraph article linked below. I discovered last night that I am a Type III classification Obese Adult(>40 BMI) and I am fairly sure these points don’t apply to me directly, but a man can dream!

1. Being overweight carries a reduced risk of rheumatoid arthritis

Yippee.  I have numerous family members who have struggled with several different types of arthritis. I have had some personal worries about this myself with achy hands and knees.  It never lasts very long and I have never determined any specific triggers.

2. Being overweight means you’re less likely to develop dementia

I have also had family issues here with my paternal grandfather, and this is a bit of a personal fear. Nice to know there may be a lipid army backing me up.

3. Being overweight can mean a stronger immune system

I totally don’t think this is true.  (At least anecdotally for me)  For years I was sick with a cold or flu at least once a month and missed a lot of school! Interestingly this has gotten better since we have had kids, probably because I have been exposed to each and every strain of cold and flu in existence.

4. Being overweight is linked to increased longevity and recovery time

Sweet and totally true for me (crossing fingers).

5. Being overweight can mean you’re better in the bedroom

Awesome and completely true!!!! 🙂

Check out the article:
5 Benefits of Being Overweight

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