Fat Positive Friday #4

My physical presence.

I am a big man. 6’2″ ~400 lbs (less than) with an extremely wide physical frame.  For a long time, (and even right now) I believed that I needed to be physically large to have an impact in the world.  I truly enjoy being the largest person in a room (I almost always am) and this has always given me confidence and a strong sense of my unique identity. This will be a difficult transition for me as it has been integral to my core identity for over 30 years.

I remember the first time I dieted (Grade 10) and a good friend said that I couldn’t lose weight, that if I did I wouldn’t be Paul anymore. That moment definitely crystallized in my head and I have remembered it ever since. It is fascinating how seemingly innocuous comments remain with you for decades and impact decisions and feelings in a completely oversize way.

My Junior High School (Grade 8-10):


( The lead picture is me with all my Foundation colleagues this summer)

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