Fat Positive Friday #3

Looking good. I have had many days while fat, that I look and feel really good.  I believe this is a very important thing to state as I think I can look at good at any size(and so can everyone else).  In the picture on top (photo credit James Costello) you’ll see me at the Library Foundation’s annual Bob Edwards Award Gala looking fine with some of our guests. I love this picture of me in the tux with a great smile.

While I understand that some people diet and seek to be skinnier for a look, I highly recommend learning to love yourself no matter what.  This isn’t easy for a lot of people and I really think women have much harder time of it in our often visually obsessed world. We all have body flaws that we don’t like and we are stuck with what our genes and life experience have caused and expressed.

And I love this picture below too from December 2009. (Christine looks great!)


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