Menu Plan November 28 – December 4

In the name of expanding our repertoire of weeknight meals, I thought it would be fun for the FATKitchen to experiment with reader recommendations.  Every so often, I will build our weekly menu plan around recipes from a featured cookbook or blog.

Our first weekly feature comes from Malka who suggested that I look at Rose Reisman’s cookbooks.  Its been ages since I pulled out my collection (I have 4!!) of Reisman’s recipes so this was a perfect place to start.  We flipped through Weekday Wonders which promises quick-to-prepare meals that are also delicious and picked out 10 recipes that we haven’t tried before, but should.


Now that we have narrowed our chosen recipes to 6 and stocked our fridge and cupboard with ingredients, I look forward to a week of shorter prep times on some great looking dishes!  Check The Fat Project’s Instagram feed (@thefatproject) to see how the meals turn out this week – and every week!

This week’s menu:

Saturday: Date night!  Dinner out for the adults, pizza in for the kids

Sunday: Creamy Baked Beefaroni pg. 155


Monday: Veggie Burgers pg. 210

Chick pea burgers

Tuesday: Greek-Style Chicken pg. 176

Greek Style Chicken

Wednesday: Roasted Chicken with Plum Tomatoes, Green Peppers and Olives pg. 174

Thursday: Old-Fashioned Baked Macaroni and Cheese Casserole pg. 144

Friday: Tilapia with Coconut Peanut Sauce pg. 189

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Fat Positive Friday #6

I can leg press over 400 lbs and can push pretty much anything with my body mass.  I didn’t realize until I saw a women who lost weight and lost her ability to move heavy things that I will most likely lose it as well as I get smaller.

As I walk around at 400 lbs, my body adapts and builds muscle to accommodate this extra mass.  I have always been greater than 325 lbs as an adult so my muscles are used to carrying and moving a heavy mass.  Imagine if you walked around with a Fat suit that doubled your body weight.  You would probably get very strong quite quickly!

I will miss this.



Menu Plan for November 21 – 27

Last week I tried 3 new recipes from the book ‘No Whine with Dinner, 150 healthy, kid-tested recipes from The Meal Makeover Moms’ by Liz Weiss, MS, RD and Janice Newell Bissex, MS, RD (M3 Press, 2011); Veggie Patch Tofu Pie, Mini Meatloaf Muffins and Coconut Chicken Fingers.  Paul and I enjoyed all three of these recipes; they were all a slightly different take on classic family dinners.

I was leery of the Coconut Chicken Fingers because generally speaking, I don’t care for coconut.  To my surprise the sweetness from the coconut and ginger were quite nice and the coconut was not overpowering on the chicken.  I seemed to enjoy my dinner more than the kids did and Paul ate the leftovers for a couple days afterward.


The Mini Meatloaf Muffins were a hit with 2 of 3 munchkins while it was tolerated by the third.  All three agreed that mashed potato ‘icing’ that I added was the best thing you could put on a dinner plate.  Once again, all the leftovers made their way into our lunches and we all agreed that we could eat this meal again.


The dark horse in the race this week was the Veggie Patch Tofu Pie.  The kids are hot and cold when it comes to quiche but I wanted to know how they would respond to the proclaimed ‘kid friendly’ version in the book because, well, I love quiche and I want to continue eating it for supper!  This recipe got rave reviews from everyone at the table!  The girls didn’t ask about the green stuff (spinach) that pervaded their meal and Paul added some hot sauce to hit the right note for a meal we all really enjoyed.  This recipe will go into our regular rotation and I may play around with adding different veggies to the mix.


In the coming weeks I will be looking at different cookbooks for weeknight dinner inspiration.  Please comment below if you have a cookbook in mind that I should borrow from the library!!

This week is another busy one:


Saturday – Christmas Party

Sunday – Leftovers and cupboard clean up

Monday – Hand Breaded Pan-Fried Flounder, Potato and Roasted Cauliflower

Tuesday – Dragon Bowl

Wednesday – Rotisserie Chicken, Quinoa and Broccoli

Thursday – Swedish Meatballs with Mashed Potato and Frozen Veggies

Friday – Homemade Pizza