FAT Positive Friday #2

Now this one is kind of odd, but it really does bring me a lot of joy.    I really like doors with the push bar on them as they are the perfect height for my stomach to touch them first, to the point where I don’t need to use my hands on the door at all.

This is such a great skill that when I am holding a couple of things and need to get out quickly I just keep walking right into the door and through. Now you may be saying that I could go out bum first on these occasions, but you haven’t felt the power of a stomach extremity until you have used it to improve your life.

Interestingly there was a comment on the Bad Breakfast post I that said I was a ‘fat shamer’, without saying why.  I have to say this caught me by surprise as I don’t mind being fat at all and am quite happy at my size but for two things: 1) I don’t feel good and my health and well being are compromised and 2) there is a really bad selection of clothes in Canada for size 5XL.  I also want the use of the word fat to be less stigmatize and people more accepting for all sizes just as all other variations of humanity.


PART 2: Lunch on a bad day

We have talked about Part 1: Breakfast, so what does a ‘bad day’ lunch look like?  I would typically leave my office and drive about 10 blocks to the nearest restaurants with drive-thrus – Wendy’s, McDonald’s and A&W are in the same area.  I am not sure why I find the drive-thru so alluring, perhaps it has something to do with not having to get out of the car – that might need its own post.

Wendy’s burgers are my favorite so I would pull up to the menu board and order:

wendys triplewendys fries


A Triple (3/4 lbs): 1060 calories
Chocolate Frosty (small): 300 calories
Medium Fries (medium): 430 calories
Diet Coke (large): 0 calories

Total: 1790 Calories

Yes, this is one meal!  After eating my Wendy’s burger, I might decide that I wasn’t ‘full’ and often I would move along to McDonald’s and order 2 burgers from their $1.39 menu – a McDouble and a Junior Chicken.  With these burgers coming in at 370 calories and 380 calories respectively for an additional 750 calories, my lunch clocks in at:

2550 Calories

Let me remind you that breakfast was at 1530 calories…

Up next: Part 3, Supper


This morning I did an interview with CBC Radio’s Eyeopener.  Check it out below:

Eyeopener capture


Photo credit for Wendy’s Triple: https://foodpixer.wordpress.com/