Menu Plan October 24 to 30

I struggle with interesting and healthy ideas for those nights when we need to get out the door quickly.  Since lunches for the girls often involve sandwiches and I am a fan of the midday salad, I feel like I should be offering different choices for supper.  Often my different choice is Baked Mac & Cheese and a plate of chopped veggies.  Don’t get me wrong, Baked Mac & Cheese is a hit with the kids and Paul – in fact I know that I can put this dinner on the table and it will disappear down hollow legs without hearing the words ‘gross’, ‘disgusting’ or ‘no’.  The issue is that since September, this dish has been in weekly rotation and I think it would be nice to add to my quick meal repertoire without using my other staple – breakfast for supper.

If you have ideas to share, I would love to hear them.  Be forewarned, I am working under strict parameters…soups are a tough sell, as are stews, chilli and most other things that are one pot meals.  If it is green, it must be green beans or broccoli – no leaves please.  I do make meals from ‘the banned list’, but only when the whole family is together and we can take time with our food.

In this week’s plan, you will notice that Saturday and Sunday are missing.  We went away on the weekend and ate our meals in restaurants.  You will also notice that I have included baked Mac & Cheese for Thursday’s dinner, and that we planned homemade pizza for Monday when it was on our plan to eat last Friday.  We ended up joining friends for dinner last Friday so I had the ingredients ready to go for this week.

October 24 – 30

Saturday – Restaurant

Sunday – Restaurant

Monday – Homemade pizza and chopped veggie tray

Tuesday – Roast chicken, quinoa and roasted cauliflower

Wednesday – Mini quiche with broccoli and carrots

Thursday – Baked Mac & Cheese and chopped veggie tray

Friday – Pork chops, roasted potato and broccoli


Grocery List











Snap Peas


Lactose Free Milk

Lactose Free Cheese

Halloween Candy

Lunch Meat

Pumpernickel Bread

Milk – 2%