Documenting Your Food

On the two medically supervised diets I have been on previously there was a lot of focus on a food log.  Recording everything I ate or drink with guidelines provided  the by the doctor.  This work well, but it was a bit onerous.  Then Apps came along like MyFitnessPal that have made the entering of what you consume easier.

This is now my 7th day of the FAT Project and I have Instagrammed everything I have eaten:


It has been one of the greatest experiences I have ever had on a diet. Firstly, I make sure my food looks pretty good before I eat it – which enhances the whole eating experience. Second, it slows the process down for eating so I can’t just dive in, including helping me rethink choices because I just can’t shove it in my mouth.  Lastly, the whole preparation of it feels like a challenge, one that is honouring my body for what it is, with quality food that I deserve to eat.  Now this is just the first week, so we will re-assess this about a month in to see if I still feel this way.

I have had a few people ask me how they could get involved in the FAT Project for themselves.  My first suggestion os to publish everything you and drink. Try instagram, it is super easy and it is the right medium for this kind of thing.  @thefatproject will promise to follow you so at least you have some accountability to me.

I also need to give out huge thank yous to all the new followers on all the platforms, we started at nothing a week ago. We are at:

Facebook 118 Likes
Instagram 28 Followers
Twitter 25 Followers