Two Days Before Launch

When you are about to something that is bigger than yourself, that you have waited your whole life to do, there is a level of anticipation, fear and excitement.

I have lost 50-65 pounds three times in my life: in 2008, 2001 and 1998. A few other times I put in some effort and lost 15-30 pounds.  I have always been a little afraid of weight loss programs, either because they are scams or because they restrict me in some way.  I have worked with a physician for two of the larger weight losses and I am ready to begin that side of the journey again.

This time I plan on using my 36 years of experience to my advantage.  Right now, I know that external forces are very motivational for me.  That’s where I will start.


Definition of Extrinsic Motivation: Taking action in order to obtain an outcome.  In the longer term, I do truly hope that I can exercise and eat well because I enjoy it, but it will take a while to get there.

And here’s a video about Extrinsic Motivation in Psychology. Enjoy.

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2 thoughts on “Two Days Before Launch

  1. I’m 350+, scale only goes to 350. Just got diabetes type 2…horrid shape. 64 years old and knees are shot.. Just a mess. Was in good shape all my life but had a concussion/stroke at 58 and gained 125 lbs. Starting diet again on Monday,,,saw you on the news today..GOOD LUCK!!

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